The Joe Cooley Tapes: Files

Index of Joe Cooley, Kevin Keegan, and Seamus Cooley in Chicago in the 60s Tape 01

  1. Brian O'Lynn
  2. Garret Barry's jig
  3. Pipe on the Hob
  4. The Luck Penny
  5. Cat in the Corner
  6. The Leitrim Fancy
  7. The Pretty Girls of Mayo
  8. Frieze Britches
  9. Dunmore Lasses
  10. The Chicago Reel
  11. The Chicago Reel and musician's names Joe Cooley, Seamus Cooley, Kevin Keegan, and John Brown
  12. The Collier's Reel
  13. Miss McLeod's Reel
  14. The Trip to Athlone
  15. The Congress Reel
  16. The Lark on the Strand
  17. The Green Gate
  18. The Wandering Minstrel
  19. The Bucks of Oranmore and Roaring Mary
  20. Munster Buttermilk jig
  21. Touch Me If You Dare, London Lasses
  22. Duke of Leinster
  23. Cooley's Reel, Up To Your Knees in Sand
  24. Fisherman's Island
  25. Dillon's Fancy, Bird in the Bush
  26. Come West Along the Road
  27. Silver Spear, Roaring Mary
  28. The Kilfenora
  29. Kilfenora five parts
  30. Saint Ruth's Bush
  31. The Bee's Wing
  32. Golden Eagle hornpipe